I'm Pink, And I Love It

We want to be your go-to store for everything pink and glam.
Join our pink diamond family today! Visit
Pink Diamond Glam today and experience glamour!


Be You, Be Beautiful!

Pink Diamond Glam Cosmetics is an all-pink
brand that includes everything from nude pink to baby
pink to brilliant pink, all with that diamond-like
sparkle that we all adore.


For The Love Of Pink

We have the perfect shade of diamond pink lipstick
for you with with several of products to choose from.
Visit Pink Diamond Glam Cosmetics today
and feel like the star that you are.


Giving Glamour A New Meaning

Pink Diamond Glam Cosmetics is your one-stop-shop
for everything that represents you and makes you
feel like the boss that you are.


About Us

Pink Diamond Glam Cosmetics is a store full of sparkle and pink. We have eyeshadow palettes Lipsticks and Glitter with much more on the way to take care of all your makeup needs. Pink Diamond Glam Cosmetics is here to bring out your inner sparkle.

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Featured Products

Pink Diamond Glam has the perfect lipsticks to amazing eyeshadow palettes and the most stunning glitters! We know you will love these products as much as we do!


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Check out our extensive range of products that cater to any and every style, from subtle to extra. And don’t worry, we have something exclusive for every Queen!

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